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hidetoshi yamada RcG

1970 Born in Tokyo Japan

1991 Venue Kotan Tokyo
1992 "GIGS" @ Bar Kelly's Tokyo
1993 "TOUCH" @ Ozone Community Laforet Harajuku Tokyo
1994 Works @ Ozone Community Shinjuku Tokyo
Works @ Ozone Community Shinjuku Tokyo
Works @ Marui Men's Department Store Shinjuku Tokyo
1996 Works @ Bar Kelly's Tokyo
1998 Group Exhibition : Riens du tout @ Chimenkanoya Gallery Tokyo
2000 "Indian Summer"@The Map Gallery Shoreditch Town Hall
24th July-31th October 2000
Works@149 Hair Salon
September 2000-February 2001
2002 Recent Works/Coffee@Brick Lane
February-March 2001
Works@Duke of York
March-May 2002
Works@The Space 42
March-May 2002
The Shoreditch Map Exhibition/Coffee@Brick Lane
September-October 2002
Recent Works/Coffee@157(Opening Show)
October-Novemver 2002
November-Decemner 2002
2003 Recent Works/Indo
March-April 2003
Group Exhibition/fEAST @ The Field Gallery London
Recent Works/@Hoxton Bar&Kitchen
May-Jun 2003
Works@First Out Bar&Cafe
Jun-July 2003
2006 "Breath"@Gallery ef
24th March-17th April 2006
Exhibition@Gallery Najimi
7th-9th April 2006
2007 "Breath 2007"@Gallery Najimi
7th-13th April 2007

2000 Map Design for The Shoreditch Map
London issue 24 Aug
The Shoreditch Map Co.uk UK
Art work in the catalogue, Spring/Summer01 SAZABY Inc. Japan
2001 Illustration for Ryo.Co/1st 7inch viny1 Melange Records UK
Illustration for Ryo.Co/2nd 7inch viny1 Melange Records UK
2002 Map Design for The Shoreditch Map,
London Issue 46 Aug
The Shoreditch Map Co.UK UK
Illustration for Ryo.Co/Full truck CD album Melange Records UK
Storyboard for BMW TV Advertisement presentation Thrune Production UK
Illustration for Mogul Electro(NY) Dazed&Confused Mag. UK
Contribute the art works for the short film"Perfect"
Dazed&Confused TV UK
2003 Logo Design Satya Yoga Centre UK
Art Work for Invitation-CollectionA/W 04
in London Fashion Week Feb.
Rafael Lopez UK
Yen jeans-Advertisement in i-D Magazine Ocr. Michiko Koshino UK
Illustration for cloths,Spring 04 100/Michiko koshino UK
2004 Art works for clothe-CollectionA/W 05
in London Fahion Week Feb.
Frost French UK
Illustration for T-shirts Spring Summer 05 Yanuk Blue Concept Inc. LA
Art works for Ryoko kuwajima Picture Book
with 2nd CD Album "KI-SETSU"
Melange Records UK
Illustration for Xmas decoration in SAZABY shops SAZABY Inc. Japan
2006 Illustration for T-shirts of the Exhibition"Breath"
with RouRou
Gallery ef Japan
Illustration for tableware "Blinky Winky" And A Japan
Art work submission for Artist Line T-shirts Paper Denim NY
Art work for clothes Yan de hafuri Japan
2007 Contribution of the Art work This is the magazine Italy
Art works for T-shirts "Love Earth" Yan de hafuri Japan
2008 Art works for organic apparel products Nadell Japan
Art works for womenf s clothes autumn winter 09 Red Issue Denmark
Art work for messenger bag Tubeline Germany
2009 Art work foreTypolyricsfat 2D3D.4 Summer 2009 Issue 08 Slanted Magazine Germany

2003 Artist Review in 100 issue Dazed&Confused Mag UK
2006 Exhibition"Breath"Review So-en Magazine Japan
Interview and Exhibition"Breath"Review
in May issue
Illustration Magazine Japan
Exhibition"Breath"Review on internet Magazine Tokyo Art Beat Japan
Exhibition"Breath"Review on internet Magazine Tokyo Art-info Japan
Exhibition"Breath"Review in May issue Mono-Magazine Japan
Review"Blinky Winky"Tableware.Collaboration
with And A
Nylon Magazine Japan
New Comer 2007 Interview and Works Review
Dec.06 issue
So-en Magazine Japan
2007 Exhibition"Breath 2007"Review Elmy Magazine Japan
Exhibition"Breath 2007"Review ASA Magazine Japan
2008 Artist review Issue 63 Mar. 08 Ppaper Magazine Taiwan
2008 Artist review Issue 09 on line C-Heads Magazine Austria
2008 Artist review at Novum Plus, October Issue Novum Magazine Germany
2009 Artist review at Issue#37 Juin Juille Focus Magazine France

1996 Drops 60pages
Black and White 14.5~21cm
1999 Corona 70pages
Black and White 21~18cm